Mind Foundry breaks these barriers with a Responsible AI Platform that empowers organisations to create, implement and monitor their AI models at scale. Founded in 2016 by world-leading Oxford scientists Professor Michael Osborne and Professor Stephen Roberts – two experts synonymous with the field of machine learning – Mind Foundry’s mission is to create a future where humans and AI work together to solve the world’s most important problems.

In its short history, Mind Foundry’s AI has:

  • Analysed sound recordings of mosquitoes buzzing to track the movement of malaria-carrying species – and save lives.
  • Accelerated quantum computer calibration with an intelligent algorithm that resulted in a 100x speed increase.
  • Helped a large retail bank to analyse free-text form entries, saving time and money.
  • Optimised the design of experiments in the chemical processing industry, maximising the quantity of chemicals produced and minimising costs.
  • Monitored complex in-flight propulsion systems by enabling the compression of data and solving a company’s bandwidth bottleneck.
  • Developed tools to help clients assess the carbon impact of their own AI models.

“Mind Foundry’s stated mission is to increase access to AI that can radically transform our world for good”

Mind Foundry’s technology has been particularly beneficial for the insurance, public, and defence and security sectors. A partnership with the Scottish government on data-driven decision-making, has informed the country’s national AI strategy. In the insurance sector, Mind Foundry has helped companies stay one step ahead of fraudulent claimants and better understand risk throughout their portfolio.

It’s a long list of successes that will – like our use of AI and machine learning – only keep on growing at pace.