In the last year alone, OUI’s Consulting Services team negotiated more than 650 contracts with clients spanning 29 countries across five continents.

That’s more than 650 examples of immediate impact worldwide.

Quick Facts

  • Consultancy projects have made an impact in countries including Haiti, Brazil and Libya

  • DIAMM provides access to cultural heritage objects preserving them for future generations

“Organisations come to us because they have a problem that Oxford academics can solve,” says Jaci Barnett, Head of Consulting Services, OUI. “Those organisations reap the rewards quickly and directly, to the benefit of their business or project and its end users.”

Consulting Services has two primary roles: to help industry harness the knowledge and expertise of Oxford academics, and to enable industry’s use of the University’s facilities and equipment. The team works across all Divisions of the University, facilitating projects to the benefit of the University and external organisations.

“Organisations come to Consulting Services because they have a problem that Oxford academics can solve”

Examples of Consulting Services’ management and guidance include:

  • Service contracts with the Department of Oncology. Projects have included tissue sample processing for a spinout company developing new cancer drug delivery systems, and access to equipment such as high-specification microscopes for a large company developing cell and gene therapies for serious diseases including cystic fibrosis. The department has highlighted the significant benefits of OUI’s support in developing and maintaining these important relationships with industry.
  • Projects for consultants from the Department of Computer Science who perform assessments of a country’s cybersecurity capacity maturity. Based on the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre’s internationally recognised Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations, the consultants undertake desktop studies and facilitate focus group discussions to produce detailed reports and recommendations for cybersecurity capacity building and investment. Consultancy projects have made an impact in countries including Switzerland, Cyprus, Bahamas, Cambodia, Haiti, Brazil and Libya.
  • A range of specialist digitisation projects for the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM). DIAMM is part of the Faculty of Music but works not only in the field of musicology: manuscripts digitised include the Exon Domesday book, the Winchester Bible, and Eton College Dante manuscripts. The project creates high-quality, colour-accurate digital surrogates, providing free access to cultural heritage objects for the academic community and the wider public, while protecting them from damage and preserving them for future generations.
  • More than 20 consultancy projects carried out by Rob McNeil of Oxford’s Migration Observatory within the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS). From summer schools to handbooks, Rob’s work with journalists and communicators across Europe helps shape and enhance the quality of public debate around migration, as well as returning knowledge and benefits to his day-to-day work at the University.

The projects – whether personal consultancy, services or access to equipment – create instant impact for external organisations, allowing them to develop, adapt and grow.