Out of that award-winning work came Wise Responder – the University of Oxford’s very first social venture. Wise Responder provides social metrics for financial institutions, investors, companies and governments to help them tackle the world’s number one sustainable development goal: ending poverty.


It does this through two key products:

  • The Poverty Zero Index, which gives licensed users the ability to access never-before-available, regularly updated scientific measurements of acute, multidimensional poverty and social factors. This enables trend analysis, integration of key social factors with financial analytics, and data tools to create and broaden access to sustainability-linked financing and investment.
  • The Wise Responder Kits – packages that arm companies with valuable metrics and practical tools allowing them to deeply understand the wellbeing of their employees and other community stakeholders. The toolkits help guide and strengthen the client’s human resources programmes and improve the targeting and impact of those programmes. This allows them to report the impact of their social investment in a standard metric.

Among Wise Responder’s early corporate adopters are four Fortune Global 500 companies and one Fortune 500 company, including a global brewing and beverage company, a multinational oil and gas company, the world’s largest fresh produce company, and two global financial services companies.

“According to a new report by Citi GPS, the use of these metrics can unlock $1.6 trillion in annual incremental sustainability spending.”